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We will always have New York!

Time flies when you are having fun

Academic Business Consulting changes its CEO and management team every year in November and now is time to welcome the new team and wish them the best of lucks for this fiscal year, but first a short recap of ABC’s successful year.

Our year ended with a total of 24 consultants working in 7 projects in different topics, industries and full of learnings. We landed one of the biggest projects in the ABC history - I know this sounds a lot like Marco's post, but to be honest it was a bit bigger 😉.

Eighteen consultants joined the educational trip to New York City and if you’re interested in reading more about it check out our Trip to NYC Newsletter

At the end of the summer to wrapped up the year, we visited Xocolab, a company founded by one of the ABC ex-consultants, and to learn more about the experience on starting a new company in Finland see our ABC Newsletter.

Now, I am very excited to welcome the new CEO Linda Tissen, who I am sure will do a fantastic work!

I am 26 years old from Germany, living in Finland for one year. I have a Bachelor in Retail Management and now I am in my second year of Master studies in International Strategy and Sustainability at Hanken.
I have worked 3 years in Marketing and 2.5 years in B2B Sales with main focus on Eastern Europe and the CIS. I like challenges and new experiences and therefore I am also very interested in Emerging Markets, speaking 5 languages and have lived in Argentina and Russia