Story Of ABC

Established as a course at Hanken in 1976, Academic Business Consulting provide a unique opportunity to apply latest academic knowledge and to solve current business problems of the industries. Simultaneously, it also gives companies an incredible chance to meet the next generation of professionals, and utilize their services at reasonable prices.


In 1994 ABC was registered as a company, run by Hanken students. Some of our major shareholders are Hartwall Oy Ab, Mercuri International Oy, ROA Invest Oy and SHH Studentkår. Since its inception, over 1000 talented consultants have proudly delivered over 450 projects. We stand for our heritage and high quality of the services we offer to our clients.

About Us

We combine competence, creativity, business sense, and academic knowledge to bring the best experience to our clients.

Our offer includes:


  • A selection of master’s students from Hanken School of Economics

  • Effective collaboration with PwC through the assignations and the guidance of mentors

  • Four months projects

  • Close cooperation with our clients

  • Extensive knowledge sharing, and passion to learn


Working with us will be a significantly different experience, but we promise that your company will not be disappointed.

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